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Here are some examples that can apply to your calories and macros when trying to lose fat. Let’s explain how we find these numbers.

First is calories. We find this by taking your bodyweight (lbs) x 12-14. For each example, shown, we did their BW x 13. So for the 120 lb person, 125 X 13 = 1,625. So they’ll eat 1,625. calories a day.

Next is protein, the easiest to explain. You simply eat 1g per pound of bodyweight. so for example, for the 125 lbs person, they’ll eat 125g of protein a day.

Next is fat. Normally, anywhere from 0.3-0.4g per pound will work. I entered 0.32g per pound for each example in this infographic. So for the 125 lb person, they take 120 x 0.32. So they’ll eat 40g of fat a day.

Last is carbs, This can be more complicated and involves a lot more steps but a great rule I have for carb consumption when losing fat is to multiply your weight in Lbs x 1.5 which in this case is 125 x 1.5g carbs = 187.5 –
TOTAL MACROS: 1,625 CALORIES (125P/40F/187.5C)

In short:
Calories: Bodyweight x 13 =
Protein: Bodyweight x 1 =
Fats: Bodyweight x 0.3 – 0.4 =
Carbs: Bodyweight x 1.5 = (All the above formulas are in LBS) To convert from KG to LBS: Bodyweight x 2.2 = –

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